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ICF Silver Jubilee Nursery and Primary school is a vibrant, happy school where children enjoy their education and make excellent academic progress. We also encourage our pupils to be creative and we enjoy success in many sports and activities.
We believe that in order for children to achieve their highest potential, they need to feel safe and happy.
We hope you enjoy looking around our school website.
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Attitude makes the difference in almost everything we do, or try to do. In times of failure, attitude especially makes the difference. Most people have a difficult time understanding that failure is not a person. Failure is an event. Therefore, failure should not be taken personally. Whatever happened in the past, even if the past was as recently as yesterday, is over. It’s gone. If yesterday included a failure, or even a series of failures in your life, it’s gone.More...

Administration Department
Smart computer classes are provided by Tata Edge. Each Edge room has a white and green board to be used by the teacher simultaneously. For every standard one class room is provided by tata edge class.
Technology is the new arrow in the quiver of the fittest Smart classes for smart children. “A well-balanced education is the key to individual achievement”. The world has moved on to the new age of information technology and it is important that we take full advantage of it. Sensing the need, ICF Silver Jubilee Nursery and primary School More...

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